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Solar Tackle Camo UnderCover Weigh/Retainer Sling

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Introducing the latest addition to our fish care range, the UnderCover Camo Weigh/Retainer Sling. Designed with the utmost consideration for fish safety and convenience, this sling is a must-have for carp anglers who prioritize responsible angling practices.

Crafted from a fish-friendly material, this sling ensures the well-being of your prized catches. The exterior features our exclusive UnderCover Camo pattern, providing effective camouflage and blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings.

One of the standout features of this sling is its double zip design. This innovative design allows the sling to be fully opened and laid flat on an unhooking mat, providing a secure and comfortable surface for weighing your fish. The zips can then be easily secured shut, ensuring safe fish retention during transport or while preparing for photos. For added security, a safety clip is also included to lock the zips shut, eliminating any chance of accidental escape.

To enhance its durability, webbing straps are strategically placed around the outside of the sling, providing extra strength and support. These reinforced straps ensure that the sling remains robust even when handling larger specimens.

Efficient drainage and water exchange are crucial when using a retainer sling, and this is where the UnderCover Camo Weigh/Retainer Sling truly excels. The base and sides of the sling feature reinforced mesh, allowing for quick drainage and optimal water exchange. This helps maintain a healthy environment for the fish, reducing stress and promoting their well-being.

Safety is paramount, especially during low-light conditions or night fishing. This sling incorporates full-length floatation tubes on the top, ensuring buoyancy and keeping your catch safely afloat. Reflective strips are strategically positioned on the floatation tubes, providing excellent visibility and aiding in locating the sling during darker hours. Additionally, a reflective retention cord is neatly housed in a discrete zipped pocket on the front, further enhancing visibility and ease of use.

The UnderCover Camo Weigh/Retainer Sling is available in two sizes to accommodate different fish sizes and angler preferences. The standard size measures 1.05 meters, providing ample space for most carp specimens. For those seeking a larger option, the sling is also available in a spacious 1.4-meter large size, accommodating even the most substantial captures.

Embrace responsible fish care practices with the UnderCover Camo Weigh/Retainer Sling. Its fish-friendly construction, versatile features, and attention to detail make it an essential tool for any carp angler committed to the well-being of their catches.

Product Details:

  • Weigh/retainer sling made from fish-friendly material with UnderCover Camo pattern
  • Double zips for full opening and secure fish retention
  • Safety clip for added zipped closure security
  • Webbing straps for enhanced strength and durability
  • Reinforced mesh base and sides for quick drainage and water exchange
  • Full-length floatation tubes with reflective strips for buoyancy and visibility
  • Reflective retention cord housed in discrete zipped pocket
  • Available in two sizes: Standard (1.05m) and Large (1.4m)

Choose the UnderCover Camo Weigh/Retainer Sling to ensure the safety and well-being of your captures, while maintaining your commitment to responsible angling practices.