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Solar BlackLite Pro-Loc Banksticks

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Solar BlackLite Pro-Loc Banksticks redefine the standards of bankside essentials, combining high-grade aluminium construction with precision engineering. These banksticks are engineered to deliver an unmatched balance between strength and weight, setting a new benchmark in performance. Each component undergoes meticulous hard-anodising in a silk black covert finish, not only enhancing their durability but also adding a touch of elegance to your angling setup.

The Solar-designed sure-grip, 5-spoke knurling featured on the thumbscrews and collars, borrowed from our acclaimed P1 Range, ensures effortless and secure adjustments. Notably, the thumbscrews are safeguarded from accidental detachment by the ingenious 'Pro-Loc' mechanism, providing peace of mind during your angling sessions.

Crafted to effortlessly tackle hard ground, the Stainless Ground Driver Points are engineered to excel in challenging conditions. Solar DNA runs through these banksticks, ensuring a blend of longevity, durability, and peak performance, all while maintaining their sleek appearance.

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the UK, these banksticks embody Solar Tackle's commitment to excellence. The Pro-Loc thumbscrew height adjustment ensures precise customization, allowing you to tailor your setup to perfection. The 3/8" BSF thread guarantees compatibility with Solar buzz bars, back rests, most other accessories, and even alarms.

A lightweight carbon inner further contributes to the banksticks' exceptional performance. The engraved Solar logo proudly signifies the banksticks' heritage of quality and innovation. With the inclusion of Solar's new Ground driver, engineered point, you can confidently set up on various terrains.

Choose from the selection of four adjustable lengths: 9”, 12”, 16”, and 20”, catering to your specific needs. With a starting weight of just 0.11kg, these banksticks provide portability without compromising on strength.

Elevate your angling experience with the Solar BlackLite Pro-Loc Banksticks, a testament to innovation and durability. Trust in Solar Tackle's legacy of excellence to deliver the tools you need to conquer the bank.