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Skee Tex Boots

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 Skee Tex Thermal Boots are designed for all types of fishing but the Skee Tex Boot comes in to its own for the Carp Fishing and Predatory Angler who can sit around for long periods in very cold weather waiting for some action.

The Skee Tex Boot has been sold for many years and stood the test of time and are a first to be asked for from customers when looking for thermal boots. The Skee Tex Boot is not only 100% waterproof, they can also keep your feet warm down to a staggering minus 50 degrees. 

From CPS Tackle

I personally have a pair of Skee Tex Boots but being 100% honest I prefer the Skee Tex Field Boot because the are easier to walk around in and I find them warmer, also the Skee Tex Boots can ache my feet because they aren't footed, in other words, there is no left or right boot. 

From Sir Rannulph Fiennes

"This is the only waterproof boot I have worn in eighteen years of expedition work which has kept my feet warm to minus 50 degrees".

Due to the type of thermal liner used in these boots, The sizes shown are what the boots actually fit, not what is molded into the bottom of the boot.