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RidgeMonkey Vault C-Smart Wireless 77850mAh

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The RidgeMonkey Vault C-Smart Wireless 77850mAh is the largest powerpack that Ridgemonkey do in their range being newly manufactured to outperform their older power packs. They are now made with a brand new premium grade lithium polymer battery which allows of optimum performance in all weather if its hot or cold which is a must in fishing gear. They have also integrated the smart charging technology which allows modern phones to wireless charge on the top of the powerpack which saves for less clutter with wires being everywhere. The exterior of the powerpack is designed to last being manufactured from a firm material which helps prevent damage to the internals of the pack, Being the largest of the range the powerpack holds some impressive life being able to charge modern day phones like the iPhone 11 Pro Max 13-15 times before dying which could easily cater for longer sessions, Using the best cable allows for this powerpack to recharge within 5-6 hours which is nothing to the life it has.

  • Premium grade lithium polymer battery
  • Dimensions: 230mm x 130mm x 44mm
  • Weight (excluding accessories): 1495g
  • Capacity: 77850mAh / 24Ah / 266Wh
  • 1x Qi compatible wireless pad: 10W max
  • 1x C-Smart USB-C Power Delivery: 60W max
  • 1x 12v DC socket: 156W max
  • 2x USB-A: DC 5V 3A (max), 4.8A total
  • Huge 266Wh capacity
  • Durable outer construction
  • Protected registered design
  • Available in classic Green & all new Camo
  • Extra-large high-end ‘plus’ smartphone EG Galaxy S10+, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Hauwei P30 approx charges: 13-15
  • Large high-end smartphone EG Galaxy S10, iPhone 11 Pro, Hauwei P20 approx charges: 15-17
  • Medium sized mid-range smartphone EG Galaxy S10e, iPhone 11, Hauwei P10 approx charges: 18-20
  • Mid-range older device EG Galaxy A3, iPhone 8 approx charges: 29-31
  • Included 60W USB-C Power Delivery Adaptor: 5.5-6 hours
  • Vault 12W USB Mains Adaptor: 28-30 hours
  • 5V 1A USB power supply: 54-56 hours