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RidgeMonkey Hangman Rig Rack

Original price £12.99 - Original price £12.99
Original price £12.99
£12.99 - £12.99
Current price £12.99

RidgeMonkey is renowned for bringing out unique and innovative products and I feel they have done it again with the Hangman Rig Rack. 

    This versatile rig rack has been designed to hang your pre-tied rigs, baited ready to use, or unbaited. Also, you can hand a store your ready-made PVA bag set-ups, leaders, and more. This rig rack is also ideal for storing, scissors, forceps, and other tools keeping them close to hand for when they are needed. The rig rack is manufactured from robust ABS material and attaches to the material of your bivvy or shelter by the just of magnets and backing plates. Simply find a convenient spot in your shelter to attach the rig rack. Place the rack against the material with the fitted magnets pressing against the material. Then with the backing plates on the outside of the shelter's material, locate the magnets and allow the backing plate to stick to the magnets entrapping the material on both sides of the rack. Doing this will fix the rack into place without damaging the material of your shelter or bivvy.

  I feel the hangman rig rack will be a winner with the static predator angler for storing their snap tackle rigs, Traces, Lure, or spinners.