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Ridgemonkey Connexion Zyggo

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Transform your approach to adjustable zig fishing and elevate your angling experience with our meticulously crafted Zyggo.

Introducing the pioneering Zyggo concept, the first of its kind in the industry.

This revolutionary all-in-one design boasts a sleek body, magnetic locking mechanism, and innovative double-barrelled ball bearing swivel, virtually eliminating tangles.

Upon entry into the water, the precisely calibrated magnets disengage the float, allowing you to set your bait at the desired depth with absolute confidence in your rig's presentation.

With its streamlined "float first" solution and effortless one-step setup, the Zyggo enables you to deploy adjustable zig rigs with ease, efficiency, and unwavering assurance at any distance.

Product Code: RMT410 & RMT411

Technical Specifications:

  • Medium: 3oz / 85g
  • Large: 4oz / 110g