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RidgeMonkey Connexion MarkaLead

Original price £5.99 - Original price £6.99
Original price
£5.99 - £6.99
Current price £5.99

Understanding the importance of rig presentation, we've crafted RidgeMonkey Marka Leads with precision to enhance your fishing experience. Featuring a unique 'domed' nose shape, these leads facilitate easy detection of the lake bed, providing a satisfying 'donk' upon landing on gravel or hard surfaces. Moreover, the distinctive design creates increased resistance when dragging through soft silt, ensuring optimal bait placement.

Available in 3oz and 4oz weights, Marka Leads are designed to cater to diverse fishing requirements.


  • Unique shape aids in detecting hard areas and offers increased drag in soft silt
  • Four fins enhance stability during flight
  • Supplied with a swivel for added convenience