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Ridgemonkey Carbon Throwing Stick (Matte Edition) 20mm

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The clever chaps at Ridgemonkey have studied the simple throwing stick and redesigned it with a new radical geometric architecture and came up with this Carbon Throwing Stick. Through endless research and development, they've designed and built a throwing stick that reduces air resistance both inside and out.  The leading outside edge of the throwing stick has been created in a V shape so it cuts and glides through the air with ease giving little resistance. The V design inside of the stick provides an ideal aperture for the internal air resistance to dissipate effectively. Due to the shame of the stick and the flattened side to the grip handle, it maximises comfort when using the throwing stick also eliminates twist. On the front of the stick just above the handle is a loading chamber to make loading the stick easier and quicker. The throwing stick also comes with a dedicated firm carry case to keep it safe and out of harm's way when not in use.