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RidgeMonkey Boilie Choppa

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The Guy's at RidgeMonkey are always coming up with simple clever ideas and now they bring you, The RidgeMonkey Choppa. 

    This Boilie Choppa comes in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large. The Small Choppa is designed to chop 14-16mm Boilies. The Medium Choppa will split 18-20mm Boilies and the Large Choppa will cut, 22-26mm Boilies, this one will be more for those carp fishing trips overseas.

The Choppa has been designed to chop more bait quickly and efficiently than other methods used today. 

    It's simple to use, made out of two hard-wearing plastic parts, simply remove the inner, fill with your chosen boilie, insert the plunger part and push. The inner part pushes the boilies against a stainless steel cutting blade, which chops them in half with ease.   

   I personally use chops when fishing marginal shelves and gravel bars because it is a lot harder for the chopped boilies to roll down the slope. Also, chops are great when fishing over silkweed or other low lying weed, because when you Spomb, Spod or Boat them out, they flutter down to the lake bed resting on top of the weed, instead of sinking deep in the weed, like round boilies can do. Also, by chopping your boilies, it will activate them quicker because the water hasn't got to penetrate through the harder outer skin of the bait, instead the water gets straight to the fresher core of the bait and starts breaking it down and releasing its attractors. Also when you chop your boilies, you can double the number of free offerings you have.