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Nash Zig Screws

by Nash
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If you are an avid carp angler, you might be familiar with zig rigs and how effective they can be in catching carp. Zig rigs are often used when the carp are feeding in the upper layers of the water, and they require a unique set up to get the best results. One critical component of a zig rig setup is the zig float, and the Nash Zig Screws are an excellent option to use with them.

The Nash Zig Screws are designed to make setting up zig rigs a breeze. The innovative screw design allows you to screw your chosen zig foam onto the screw, which keeps it secure and eliminates the need for fiddly foam retaining spikes. The screws are available in multiple colours, including white, red, yellow, black, clear and a mixed pack, giving you the option to match the colour of your foam to the water you are fishing.

One of the main benefits of using Nash Zig Screws is the ease of use. The screw design means that it is effortless to change the foam quickly, which can be crucial when the carp are actively feeding on the surface layers. The screw also ensures that the foam stays in place and doesn't fall off your hook during the cast or when retrieving your line.

Another benefit of the Nash Zig Screws is their versatility. The screws can be used with a wide range of zig floats and other terminal tackle, and the multiple colour options give you the freedom to experiment with different colours and see what works best in different water conditions.

In summary, if you are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use option for setting up your zig rigs, the Nash Zig Screws are an excellent choice. Their innovative screw design, ease of use, and versatility make them a popular option among carp anglers. Plus, the multiple colour options allow you to match your foam to the water conditions, giving you the best chance of success.