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Nash Titan T2 Pro Camo Bivvy

by Nash
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Titan T2 Pro Camo Bivvy is the larger footprint Titans – comfortably accommodating two wide sleep systems whilst still leaving room for a Bank Life Bedside Station between them and enough usable room to make long sessions as comfortable as possible when fishing together.

Re-designed with a focus on the evolving needs of the modern session carper, the new Titan Series combine all-season performance and versatility in changing conditions with maximum visibility, greater headroom for comfort and the legendary super fast set-up and premium materials that continue to make Titans the leading choice rigid frame bivvy for the hardcore.

The Titan Pros are for the committed carper who wants the time spent in pursuit of their prize to be a pleasure – whether road-tripping, holiday carping or campaign fishing weekend after weekend.

Built around an increased height frame for comfort and better visibility the Titan Pro Series are as cult in appearance as they are resilient in use. Available in T1 and T2 dimensions in both green and camo.



193cm (h) x 348cm (w) x 318cm (d)

Height of door: 168cm

Storm poles: 48” – 86”

Packdown size (in bag): 174cm (l) x 36 cm (w)

Inner capsule: 183cm (h) x 330cm (w) x 300cm (d)



Complete (including inner mesh capsule and storm poles): 21kg

Stripped out (minus inner mesh capsule): 15.5 kg

Inner mesh capsule: 5.5 kg

Optional extra HD groundsheet: 3.8kg


What’s included: 

  • 1 x bivvy
  • 1 x inner mesh capsule
  • 1 x tension bar
  • 2 x storm poles
  • 1 x set of Nash T pegs in bag
  • 1 x velcro mozzi mesh centre window panel
  • 1 x PVC Velcro centre window panel