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Nash Titan T1 Camo Pro

by Nash
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EThe brand new Nash Titan T1 Camo Pro are up there with one of the best if not the best bivvies on the market, completely smashing the previous Titan's out of the water with brand-new features. Firstly many of you know if you have seen/used a Titan T1 before they are very low for a bivvy and even lower at the back, They are recreated this T1 to stand tall to give you ample headroom, a new and improved peaked front allows you to walk into the bivvy pretty much upright, and stops any building up of water om the bivvy making it run down the sides to stop sagging which was a common fault with the previous Titan's. As sneaky as it is they have implemented the same famous technology into these Titan's as the frontier has, at the front door the ground sheet can be folded over to allow you to take muddy boots/shoes off at the door to stop dirt getting in or if you prefer a full groundsheet it is simply velcroed flat down against the groundsheet. On the previous Titan's you only got 2 rear vents which were only a mesh, now you have 4 vents which off 360-degree ventilation, these vents are fully removable and covers can be rolled up and down with ease, which allows you to get optimum airflow in the warmest of weathers and also allows you to keep warm in the coldest.

With these new Titan's hitting the market I personally think they will take the bivvy market by storm using new high-quality material on the bivvy not only makes it extremely waterproof but is also a blackout material which is ideal for when you have had a busy night, allows you to get some sleep during the lightest hours of the day, with the material being thicker it keeps the warmth in as well making the bivvy all round cosier. They are still super easier to put up even with the new design its the same mechanism, which with practice can be put up within under 2 minutes and the same when taken down, which is ideal for anglers that are on the move constantly and even handy in general rather than faffing about with your bivvy for 10-15 minutes when you could be getting your rods perfectly on the spots. I think in comparison to bivvies on the market the new Titan's are the best allrounder, taking into thought all of all needs, with the height being the main one, anglers now want the height more than anything as it makes getting in and out of the bivvy loads easier.

  • Titan T1 Pro - 420D PU coated blackout nylon
  • Titan T1 Camo Pro - armoured blackout nylon with enlarged Nash camo pattern
  • Extended forward storm peak design to prevent rain ingress but maintain visibility
  • Tension bar and rain gutters to maintain peak profile for water run off
  • Removeable inner mesh capsule with PVC base to keep insects and wildlife out
  • Letterbox mesh door to inner capsule
  • Central hanging hook in mesh capsule for lights or insect zappers
  • Two additional hanging hooks each side of the mesh capsule doorway for receivers, lights, clothing or head torches
  • Twin elasticated mesh organiser pockets inside the inner capsule
  • Four double zipped external climate panels to allow maximum light and regulate air flow
  • Nylon storm covers over the climate panels can be added or removed without leaving the bivvy
  • Folding strut supports allow climate panels to be lifted to maintain air flow whilst preventing water ingress
  • Entire front panel can be zipped out to leave the Titan shelter and inner mesh capsule only
  • Letterbox storm door with PVC and mozzi mesh centre panels that can be used independently or in combination
  • Front panels feature storm/mozzi panels with elastic tie backs
  • Front panels can be secured with buckles and webbing for open fronted format without the entire infill being removed
  • Twin magnetic rod retaining straps
  • Super strong Titan centre block and fast assembly rigid frame
  • Flat profile back for maximum room with the largest sleep systems
  • Textured paint finish on ribs and storm poles
  • Supplied with 2 x storm poles, Nash T pegs and carry bag