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Nash Spot On Dot Spod Air

by Nash
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Introducing the Dot Spod Air, the ultimate baiting tool designed to revolutionize your angling approach. Engineered for controlled bait dispersion, this innovative spod opens up during flight, delivering a precise and wide scattering of bait as it reaches the spool clip at the end of your cast.

The Dot Spod Air features a groundbreaking quick-release clip at the tail, strategically positioned before casting. As the mainline tightens to the spool clip, this remarkable spod opens up, allowing bait to be dispersed generously in front of it. Unlike traditional spods, the empty Dot Spod Air quietly descends onto the water's surface, well away from your feeding area. This near-silent descent minimizes spod impact noise, ensuring that the sound of bait hitting the water surface reverberates across a wide area, effectively attracting fish to your rig.

Designed for the discerning angler, the Dot Spod Air empowers you to instantly alter your baiting strategy by varying the force and trajectory of your cast. Whether you're delicately showering floaters from above to entice cautious carp without spooking them or spreading hemp and micro pellets far and wide, the possibilities are endless with this versatile tool.

Built upon the success of the renowned Dot Spods, the Dot Spod Air features the same hinged, sliding body and nose release system. This ensures flawless bait delivery on every cast, without any mechanisms that can become jammed by bait residue or small particles. You can rely on the Dot Spod Air to consistently and precisely deliver your bait to the desired location, guaranteeing an efficient and effective angling experience.

For optimal performance, pair the Dot Spod Air with the dedicated Dot Spod Rods and Spod/Marker Braid. This winning combination enables you to propel various types of bait up to an impressive distance of 160 meters, depending on your casting ability. With the Dot Spod Air in your arsenal, you'll have the confidence to bait any swim with precision and achieve exceptional results on the water.

Dot Spod Air Small

Dimensions: 17.5cm (l) x 7cm (w)

Empty: 46gr

Loaded with 6mm pellet: 107gr

Loaded with hemp: 122gr

Loaded with boilies:

112gr (56 x 12mm)

119gr (32 x 15mm)

110gr (12 x 20mm)

Dot Spod Air Medium

Dimensions: 19.5cm (l) x 8cm (w)

Empty: 68gr

Loaded with 6mm pellet: 162gr

Loaded with hemp: 188gr

Loaded with boilies:

178gr (92 x 12mm)

171gr (47 x 15mm)

169gr (20 x 20mm)