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Nash Siren R3+ Digital Bite Alarms

by Nash
Original price £129.99 - Original price £529.99
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£129.99 - £529.99
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The brand new Nash Siren R3+ Alarms are the reworked version of the previous ever famous R3's, They were the first alarm on the market with speed sensing technology which fully prevents fake bleeps and gives you out and out confidence in your bite detection. Re-worked now with modern technology allowing you to interchange your LED between 5 different colours (Red, Blue, Green, White and Purple) and now with the new MMCX connection which is featured on the Nash R4's allows them to connect to the siren Night Glo Bobbins and the brand Swing Arm illuminated indicators.

The Nash Siren R3+ bite indicator is a one-of-a-kind bite alarm with Intelligent Sensing. This alarm has a roller wheel like a normal alarm but whereas normal bite alarms sound every time the magnet in the roller passes the reed switch. The roller on the R3 alarm detects the speed at which the line moves, so if it detects different speeds it sounds but if it's just a slow gentle movement it won't even if the wheel fully rotates. That means an end to irritating false detection that other bite alarms suffer with. How many times do you sit there get a bleep and say, it's just wind? Once you get used to using the R3+ alarm and get to trust it you won't say that. The times I've sat there and had one bleep and reeled in to find out I'd been done. There are three sensitivity settings, One bleep on the setting is for the lowest on the speed sensing mode. This setting is for when the weather is terrible or it is a good choice when using them on the river. Two bleeps is what I use mine on, this is still on the sensing mode but it's more sensitive than one but will still eliminate a lot of false indications. Three bleeps turn the alarm to a standard roller alarm for use on runs waters but to be honest mine always stays on setting two and I've learnt NOT to ignore the R3+ Bite alarm.

R3+ Alarm

  • Push button variable LED colour - Red, Blue, Green, White and Purple
  • Pulsing LED output via MMCX connection
  • Compatible with Siren Night Glo Bobbins and Swing Arm illuminated indicators
  • Supplied with an MMCX converter for direct connection of Nash Bobbins and Slap Heads
  • Two Speed Sensing settings to screen out false indications from wind, drift and drag
  • Roller Wheel Sensing option where slow takes are expected – such as winter zigging
  • 5 variable tone settings
  • 4 volume settings
  • One touch mute
  • Removeable rubberised snag ears
  • Powered by 1 x CR2 battery (not included)


The Nash Siren R3+ Receiver precisely replicates the R3's Intelligent Sensing - offering exact tone reproduction bleep for bleep even under challenging swims or around obstacles that cripple inferior remote systems. Tested to over 400 metres, you can be sure the signal between your alarms and the R3 remote cannot readily be compromised.

Note: Range can vary considerably depending on atmospheric conditions.

R3+ Receiver

  • Exact tone replication from each paired R3+ Alarm
  • LED colour replication from each paired R3+ Alarm
  • 4 channels for pairing with single R3+ Alarms
  • Fifth ‘buddy channel’ pairs with up to 32 other R3+ alarms
  • Volume adjustment, mute and vibration function
  • Last event recall
  • Powered by 1 x CR123A battery (not included)