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Nash Run Clip Zig Kit

by Nash
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Introducing the ultimate adjustable zig system for carp fishing: the Nash Run Clip Zig Rig. With its unique curved Run Clip, this rig is the most versatile and safe option on the market. The Run Clip locks in place on the line when under tension, but still allows a slack line to pass through it freely.

Adjusting the depth of your Zig Float has never been easier. Simply feed out line from your reel to let the float rise, or gently tighten the line to submerge the float and fish deeper. This versatility makes the Nash Run Clip Zig Rig suitable for a variety of fishing situations.

But the real standout feature of this rig is its safety. When a carp is hooked, the Run Clip locks in place, allowing the lead to be ejected from the free running system. This is a game-changer in situations where weed or snags can be a concern, as it ensures that you won't lose your gear or harm the fish.

The Nash Run Clip Zig Rig is a must-have for any angler who values versatility and safety. Its unique design, ease of use, and effectiveness make it a top choice for targeting carp at all depths. So why wait? Upgrade your fishing gear with the Nash Run Clip Zig Rig and experience the ultimate in carp fishing safety and versatility.