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Nash Floating Tiger Nut

by Nash
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Nash has developed a fantastic product for all you specimen carp anglers out there: Floating Tiger Nuts. These hookbaits match the natural variation of real tiger nuts, and are buoyant enough to lift smaller hook sizes (8-10) while balancing wafter-style with larger sizes. The versatility of these baits comes from their size variation, ranging from 12-15mm.

Floating Tiger Nuts can be used in a number of ways. For instance, you can present multiple smaller baits together or single nuts on larger hooks. They are perfect for anglers who encounter nuisance fish such as crayfish or poisson chat, as the floating tiger nuts guarantee presentation where real baits may be stripped away.

To achieve your preferred presentation, you can adjust the buoyancy of the bait using rig rings, bait screws, or Cling-On tungsten putty. Additionally, you can soak, dip, or spray the Floating Tiger Nuts in liquids for additional attraction. Nash offers a Talin-rich liquid for use with Sweet Tiger Nuts that will provide the same taste and smell as your feed.

Each packet of Floating Tiger Nuts contains six hookbaits. Try them out today and see how they can improve your carp fishing game!