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Nash Floating Sweetcorn

by Nash
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Nash Buoyant Plastic Sweetcorn Hookbaits are a game-changer for specimen carp anglers, offering versatile and durable options for creating a visible and attractive hookbait. These buoyant plastic sweetcorn hookbaits are available in two sizes - Small and Large, and can be used as single or multiple grains or in combination with boilies to add an extra visual element to your fishing presentation.

These hookbaits are the most popular plastic bait in the market, and are often used as a sight tip for boilies to draw attention to the hookbait. They work exceptionally well over bait mixes including real grains of corn or flaked maize, and have proved to be a very effective tactic for catching those elusive specimen carp.

The larger plastic corn is perfect for creating a balanced hookbait on short braided hooklinks inside solid bags of pellet. When using the Speedload System to tie solid PVA bags in advance, the buoyancy of plastic corn remains unchanged where boilie and pop-up hookbaits are dried and hardened from being surrounded by pellets. This feature makes the Nash Buoyant Plastic Sweetcorn Hookbaits a must-have for anglers who want to ensure that their hookbaits remain buoyant even in challenging conditions.

Each packet contains 10 hookbaits, ensuring that you always have enough for your next session. The durability of these hookbaits means that they will last for multiple casts, ensuring that you get the most out of your fishing trip. The Nash Buoyant Plastic Sweetcorn Hookbaits are an essential item for every specimen carp angler, providing a reliable and effective option for creating a visible and attractive hookbait.