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Nash Floating Maggot

by Nash
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Nash has released a game-changing hookbait that is perfect for specimen carp anglers – buoyant plastic maggots. These plastic maggots are a durable hookbait that is great for warding off nuisance fish, and can be used alone or in combination with live maggots.

Whether you're disguising your hook when zig fishing for pressured carp, or creating a slow sinking presentation to offset the weight of a hook, these floating plastic maggots are versatile and effective. They can be used in various rig setups, including Mag Aligner rigs, hybrid rigs with plastic corn or maize on the hair, or in a hair loop as a bait stop.

These buoyant plastic maggots come in a pack of 14, with 7 white and 7 red maggots, and like all Nash plastic baits, they can be soaked or dipped in liquids to increase their attraction and add extra confidence. A deadly maggot enhancing blend is Scopex No.1 and sweetener, which can be used on both real maggots and plastic maggot hookbaits.

Moreover, these plastic maggots provide a great way to create slow sinking presentations. You can add a plastic maggot first and last when threading real maggots on light line or floss. By doing so, when they are drawn together to form a bunch and tied on a rig, the knot pulls down against the plastic maggots rather than popping fragile real maggots from the line.

In summary, these buoyant plastic maggots provide specimen carp anglers with a durable and effective hookbait that can be used in a variety of rig setups. Whether you're looking to ward off nuisance fish or create slow sinking presentations, these floating plastic maggots are sure to be a great addition to your tackle box.