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Nash Dwarf Big Pit Compact Reel

by Nash
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The brand new Nash Dwarf Big Pit Compact Reel is ideal for Dwarf and Scope rods ideally made for the 9 & 10ft rods as they are a Compact Big Pit.

As many as you know, a big pit reel on a 9 or 10-ft rod may make the reels seem way too big, leading to the reel and rod not balancing correctly. This is where Nash has come up with the idea for a "Compact Big Pit". It allows you to still have the advantage of the deeper spool on your reels so you can fish at a distance whilst also having a more compact reel to suit your rod and not look out of place. The reel consists of a fast-drag clutch, which within half a turn, enables you to change the drag from super loose to super tight; this is a must when fishing as it gives you a great advantage when setting the hook in the fish's mouth. 

In addition, Nash has made the reel with an enlarged anti-twist line roller which allows your line to come off the spool smoothly. For a compact reel, it has a large retrieve per handle turn, returning over 1m of line per twist, allowing for a fast retrieve. Finally, they have finished the reel off with a line-friendly clip to escape damage to the line, which gives you the confidence to hit spots more often. 

  • Fast Drag adjustment
  • 4+1 bearings
  • One touch folding handle
  • Line friendly clip
  • Gear ratio 5.1:1
  • Anti Twist enlarged line roller
  • Drag power 12kg
  • Retrieve per handle turn 103cm