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Nash Dumpy Gripper Swivel Lead

by Nash
Original price £1.69 - Original price £2.79
Original price
£1.69 - £2.79
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Introducing the Nash Dumpy Gripper Swivel Leads, they are a game-changing addition to your angling arsenal. Designed for ultimate performance and versatility, these innovative leads are engineered to enhance your fishing experience.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the Nash Dumpy Gripper Swivel Lead boasts a robust construction that ensures reliable performance in any fishing environment. The gripper design provides exceptional holding power, keeping your rig securely anchored in place.

Equipped with a swivel attachment, these leads offer seamless rotation, allowing your bait to move naturally in the water for increased attraction. Whether you're targeting carp, barbel, or other freshwater species, these leads are sure to deliver results.

The dumpy profile of these leads enhances casting accuracy and stability, ensuring pinpoint placement of your bait every time. Plus, the compact size minimizes tangles and snags, making them ideal for fishing in challenging terrain.

Whether you're fishing rivers, lakes, or canals, the Nash Dumpy Gripper Swivel Lead is your go-to choice for maximum performance and reliability. Elevate your angling game and experience unmatched success on the water with these premium leads.

  • Finished in a unique disrupted black/green camouflage for end tackle concealment
  • Non reflective soft touch paint finish
  • Enlarged eyes on swivel leads for easier location on Lead Clips and superior running rig performance
  • Metric and Imperial weights impressed in the body for easy identification