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Nash Claw Cracker Bait Mesh Refill

by Nash
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If you've already got the Claw Cracker Bait Mesh system from Nash, then you'll want to make sure you have plenty of refills on hand for your next angling trip. That's where the Nash Claw Cracker Mesh Refills come in handy.

These refills are designed specifically to fit the Claw Cracker Bait Mesh system, which is perfect for protecting your soft and fragile baits from nuisance species and keeping them secure on a hair rig. The Claw Cracker Bait Mesh system offers numerous options to present alternative hookbaits for pressurised carp.

Each refill provides 7.5 metres of mesh and is available in two diameters - Super Narrow at 18mm and Narrow at 23mm. This means that you can choose the best size for your bait, ensuring that it is protected and secure in the water.

With the Nash Claw Cracker Mesh Refills, you can be sure that your bait is well protected and presented to the carp in the best possible way. These refills are a must-have for any angler who wants to make the most of their Claw Cracker Bait Mesh system. So, be sure to stock up on these refills before your next angling trip!