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Nash Bank Life Bivvy Heater

by Nash
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  The Nash Bank Life Bivvy Heater is a stylish and eco-friendly way to warm your living space when the temperatures plummet. The heater is also a safe way to burn citronella candles and mosquito coils in the warmer months to keep away the biting bugs.

  The heater was designed with safety in mind because there's been far too many accidents, some fatal with the gas style heaters. This heater runs on nothing more than 5 tea light candles inside the inner chamber and you will be shocked with the amount of heat the bivvy heater kicks out. In testing we raised the temperature inside a T1 bivvy by 10 degrees. Because the heater only uses candles to heat it, it eliminates the harmful Carbon Monoxide that you get when using gas bivvy heater, which can kill you. 

  The Heater has a simple clip open design with a removable carry handle and a heat proof EVA base. With its stylish design with a matte black powder coat finish, comfort can't be any easier than this.

  The problem with using a gas heater is, whilst using it you really have to have a lot of ventilation, so as soon as you turn it off, you go cold. With the Nash candle heater, you use it like you heating at home. Light it in a safe place in your bivvy or tent then zip the door shut leaving a little gap at the bottom to allow some air flow. Whenever you go out, make sure you zip you bivvy door down so it keeps in the warmth and you will have a very comfortable living space to go back to. The heater doesn't just heat the air inside the bivvy, it will start to warm your items inside so they don't keep the temperature low.  

Tips on using the heater.

Use the 8 hour burn tea light candle and not the standard, which only last for around 4 hours


Have the heater ready to light, so in the morning when you wake, so you can light it without hassle and hour or so before you get up, so it warms the bivvy.