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Nash Bank Life Blockhouse Camo Pro

by Nash
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Introducing the ultimate carp angler's companion, the Camo Spec Game Changer Session Shelter. This innovative shelter is designed to revolutionize your fishing experience, providing increased headroom, a spacious floor footprint, and unmatched comfort that surpasses traditional bivvy designs.

Featuring an eye-catching and highly effective camo design, this shelter blends seamlessly into its surroundings, providing you with a tactical advantage on the bank. The camo pattern not only enhances your stealthy approach but also adds a touch of style to your angling setup.

Built to withstand the elements, the Camo Spec Game Changer Session Shelter boasts an impressive 20,000mm hydrostatic head Aquasense construction. This ensures exceptional waterproofing, keeping you dry and comfortable even during heavy downpours. Stay focused on your fishing without worrying about the weather conditions.

Setting up the shelter is a breeze thanks to the fast erect Speed Up continuous frame twin leg design. With no poles to assemble, you can have your shelter ready in no time, allowing you to maximize your fishing time. The increased headroom offers day-to-day comfort, allowing you to stand up, change clothes, wash, and enjoy ample space that is not possible in traditional bivvy designs.

The shelter features a continuous seal HD Groundsheet that provides a sealed capsule-like protection against rodents, snakes, and insects. Rest easy knowing that unwanted visitors will be kept at bay. The full-width mozzi front option with a letterbox door offers additional ventilation while keeping insects out. The clear PVC door panel enhances natural light inside the shelter, creating a bright and welcoming environment.

For added protection from rain or shade during hot weather, the shelter comes with a roll-up pack-away storm porch extension. This extension can also be used as an awning for relaxing outside the shelter. The storm porch extension supports can be used with the T1308 Gazebo Front Door Pole Kit (not supplied), providing a sturdy and reliable setup.

Enhanced ventilation and increased light are achieved through the enlarged mozzi mesh panels on the sides and rear of the shelter. These panels can be adjusted using the double zipped mozzi panels, allowing you to remove or add storm panels from inside the shelter without stepping outside. Experience optimal airflow and enjoy the refreshing breeze while staying protected.

To withstand strong winds, adjustable leading edge tension straps are included, ensuring the shelter remains secure and stable. The internal vapour shield reduces condensation drip, keeping the interior dry and comfortable. Hang your bivvy light or insect zapper using the internal hook, adding convenience and functionality to your angling setup.

The shelter is compatible with the Gazebo Organisers T1309, providing additional storage options for your fishing gear. Guy ropes with reflective 3M fleck enhance visibility under torchlight, and the integral Velcro storage pouch keeps them neatly organized when not in use. The shelter is supplied with two 2 Rod Velcro retaining bars that fit the corner support poles, ensuring your rods are securely stored.

With unique enlarged Nash camo design, the shelter not only performs flawlessly but also looks stunning on the bank. Its dimensions of 260cm (w) x 290cm (d) provide ample space for your fishing setup, while the maximum height of 190cm and door height of 160cm ensure comfortable access and movement inside the shelter.

Weighing 22kg, the Camo Spec Game Changer Session Shelter strikes the perfect balance between durability and portability. It is designed to withstand the rigors of carp angling while being easy to transport and set up. Invest in this high-quality shelter and elevate your angling experience to new heights.


  • 20,000mm hydrostatic head Aquasense construction
  • Fast erect Speed Up continuous frame twin leg design – no poles to assemble
  • Increased head room for day to day comfort
  • Continuous seal HD Groundsheet for sealed capsule protection against rodents, snakes and insects
  • Full width mozzi front option with letterbox door
  • Clear PVC door panel for increased light
  • Roll up pack away storm porch extension for improved protection from rain or as an awning for shade in hot weather
  • Storm porch extension supports with T1308 Gazebo Front Door Pole Kit (not supplied) that locates into eyelets in porch extension
  • Enlarged mozzi mesh panels on sides and rear for ventilation and increased light
  • Double zipped mozzi panels allow storm panels to be removed or added from inside the Blockhouse
  • Adjustable leading edge tension straps between cover and Blockhouse frame to eliminate wind damage or over tension
  • Internal vapour shield to reduce condensation drip
  • Internal hook for hanging a bivvy light or insect zapper
  • Compatible with Gazebo Organisers T1309
  • Guy ropes with reflective 3M fleck for maximum visibility under torch light with integral Velcro storage pouch
  • Supplied with 2 x 2 Rod Velcro retaining bars that fit the corner support poles
  • Unique enlarged Nash camo design


260cm (w) x 290cm (d)

Max height: 190cm

Door height: 160cm

Weight: 22kg