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Nash All Terrain Butt Lock Xtreme

by Nash
Original price £14.99 - Original price £16.99
Original price
£14.99 - £16.99
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Experience the pinnacle of rod security with the Nash All Terrain Butt Lock Xtreme, designed for extreme snag fishing and the formidable strength of the mightiest carp. This Butt Lock takes two-stage rod security to the next level, incorporating the renowned cam locking mechanism of the original Butt Lock, and introducing a secondary locking system for unparalleled support in challenging conditions.

The closed cams securely hold the rod butt, and a locking lever ensures additional reinforcement by clipping into position. This innovative design retains the rod until the angler lifts it to strike, opening the cam lock arms effortlessly. Tested extensively across Europe, including the formidable Rainbow Lake, the Butt Lock Xtreme proved its mettle, steadfastly holding rods in place against powerful fish.

One of the key features of the Xtreme Butt Lock is its ability to guarantee a solid grip, regardless of the angle of the rod butt. This feature provides complete confidence, whether you're fishing bottle rigs or keeping your tips up to steer clear of obstacles. The Butt Lock Xtreme is available in two variants: Small, suitable for 12-17mm rod butts (abbreviated/shrink), and Large, which accommodates 19-22mm rod butts (cork/duplon). Elevate your angling experience with the Nash All Terrain Butt Lock Xtreme, offering unrivaled security for your valuable gear.

Butt Lock Xtreme Small grips 12-17mm rod butts (abbreviated/shrink)

Butt Lock Xtreme Large grips 19-22mm rod butts (cork/duplon)