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Apex Baits Mixed High Oil Carp Pellets

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£3.99 - £14.99
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Apex Baits High Oil Mixed Carp Pellets are great for creating a bed of feed on the lake bed, to keep the carp grubbing around in your swim. Due to the high oil content in these pellets and the different size's, the breakdown time will be different from the smaller ones to the large. To prolong the breakdown time even more, try drizzling our marine mix fish oil over them. The oil prevents the water from getting to the pellets for a longer time, so slowing the breakdown process. The marine fish oil is slightly salty as well that the carp love. This mix is perfect for Spod mixes, PVA Bag Mix and PVA Mesh Mixes or even to use with a catupult. Also its becoming a big seller to the guys heading off over sea's, to use with their bait boats.
All pellet comes bagged in a sealed bag ready, the different sizes off pellet are 2mm,4.5mm & 6mm.