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Mainline Baits Dedicated Shelf life Boilies

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The long-awaited Mainline Baits Dedicated Shelf Life Boilies are finally here. Mainline has been making awesome freezer baits for years and people have constantly been asking for them to be made into a shelf-life version, well now they are available. These ready-made boilies are a selection of Mainline's finest dedicated base mixes and top-quality ingredients. You can't go wrong using bait that combines Mainline's enhancers and attractors with liquid food sources. These boilies provide consistently high-performance bait for anglers throughout the year.

Rest assured that active ingredients in this range of shelf life boilies are at their highest quality the same as the freezer range. If you're looking to boost the attraction levels of hook baits, we recommend Mainline's Hookbait Enhancement System which is designed to work with these baits. 


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