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Gift Vouchers

Original price £5.00 - Original price £100.00
Original price
£5.00 - £100.00
Current price £5.00

Looking for a Christmas or birthday present but don't know what to get them a gift voucher will give them the choice of their own.

Gift vouchers available to be used in store and online, we will send you a discount code via email provided to us.

Please note that Gift Vouchers are not refundable for any cash denomination, Also if you part-use the voucher online it will not allow you to spend the remaining funds, in that case, get in touch with us with your name and voucher number so we can re-issue you another code for the remaining funds, Whereas if you spend the voucher in store we will re-issue a new voucher with the remaining amount on it.

You have 12 months in which to spend the voucher from the date of purchase.

CPS Tackle will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged vouchers.