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Gardner Rig Glue 5g Dispenser

by Gardner
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The new Gardner Rig Glue 5g Dispenser is a more compact version of the previous Gardner glue whilst still being as easy to use. Using glue has many advantages in fishing commonly used to strengthen knots and to stop them slipping can be used on all types of line but it also has a wide range of uses in other aspects of fishing when using small baits it allows them to stay on better or if you are fishing with PVA foam nuggets instead of moulding them around the hook you can just simply glue them on. All it takes is one drop as it contains 5 grams of Cyanoacrylate which is superglue. 

  • New style, high volume Rig Glue Dispenser.
  • Perfect for a wide range of rig applications.
  • Ideal for small baits, cork & foam to hooks, etc.
  • Also useful on knots to increase strength.
  • Can be used on both mono and braid.
  • Contains 5g Cyanoacrylate (Super Glue) per Dispenser.
  • Bonds instantly to virtually any surface.