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Gardner Multi Rake

by Gardner
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The Multi Rake is the ideal multi functional tool for quickly clearing weed, twigs and leaves from your spot.

Its design allows the rake to be attached to a rope and thrown by hand, or attached to a landing net handle or pole with the integral 3/8 BSF thread.

The versatility of having both attachment points means that this unique product can be used for weed clearance; creating small spots, clearing channels and quickly clearing marginal weed to enable you to safely land any fish that you have hooked on weedy waters.

It can also be used to improve line lay to your hookbait; specifically where there is debris that may lift the line making it more obvious to feeding fish browsing about a baited spot.

Multi Rakes are perfect for specialist anglers that like to rake a swim to kick up sediment and invertebrates living in the silt, stimulating species like Tench into feeding, without the angler being encumbered by a heavy and bulky full size rake.

The Multi Rake features:

  • Robust all metal brass and steel construction.
  • Supplied with a large split ring for attachment to rope/cord.
  • 3/8 BSF thread (with screw on cover) to fit most landing net handles.
  • Green anti-rust powder coated.
  • Dimensions: Width = 23cm, Body Length = 5.7cm
  • Weighs approx. 8.8oz (250grams).
  • Features 18 x 1.5cm spikes.