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Gardner Continental Ronnie Rigs

by Gardner
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The Continental Ronnie Rig is an amazingly effective low pop-up presentation that offers tremendous hook holds. It’s a sensationally effective presentation that will rightfully stand the test of time, like other classics such as the Hinged Stiff Rig, Chod Rig, Blow Back, etc.

Continental Ronnie Rigs feature our hugely popular extra strong and super sharp Covert Continental Dark Mugga hooks (in size 2, 4 and 6) that are attached to the uprated XT Flexi-Ring Kwik Lok Swivel, making them ideal for really heavy duty angling scenarios; fishing for big carp in the most demanding angling situations here both in the UK and on mainland Europe.

Essentially, the combination of this hook pattern’s in-turned eye, swept shank and amazing razor sharp point is the perfect combination for getting the most out of the Ronnie rig, as it creates a fast and aggressive reacting hooking mechanism that takes a firm hook hold. Each end section features a mat finished sliding Covert Hook Swivel, held in position with a Covert Hook Stop. This phenomenal rig has been tried, tested and proven time and time again on big carp waters across the UK and Europe with truly devastating results!

To get started, all you need to do is tie your favoured hooklink material onto the Flexi-Ring, tailoring the hooklink length and material to the nature of the lake bed you’re fishing over and the lead arrangement that you are using. As a rough guide we recommend monofilaments like our hugely successful Trick-Link and Invisi-Link for Helicopter rigs, and softer hooklinks like the awesome Ultra Skin or Ultra Sink skinned hooklinks on Covert Lead Clips (or similar) arrangements. It can even be fished as a naked chod style presentation, that is an awesome and often overlooked application of the Ronnie…

Finally, all you need to do is tie on a pop up that is buoyant enough to hold the rig section up. You should add a small amount of Critical Mass (Tungsten Putty) moulded around the shrink tubing, that holds the XT Swivel in place, so the rig sinks slowly to the lakebed. If the hookbait is not buoyant enough the hook will not be able to rotate freely, and this will detract from the rig’s ultimate performance.

We generally prefer to use and recommend a small pop up. The easiest way to attach readymade pop ups is to thread a section of main line or dental floss onto the hook swivel and pull the two tags through the bait. Pull the dental floss through the bait whilst pushing the pop up onto the Covert Hook Swivel eye (which helps keep it in place). Finally, tie several granny knots flush to the outside of the hook bait, trim the floss to 1cm and blob the tag ends to secure the hook bait firmly in place.

General features include:

  • 3 Continental Ronnie Rigs per packet.
  • Available in sizes 2, 4 and 6 (barbed only).
  • Made with mat Covert components, including the uprated XT Kwik Lok Flexi-Ring Swivels for hook attachment.
  • Manufactured in the UK.
Sizes Barbed
2 Barbed
4 Barbed
6 Barbed

*If you find that the Covert Hook Stop starts to move on the shank of the hook it may need replacing. We recommend feathering the cast to reduce the impact on the waters surface, lowering the chances of this happening.