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Fox Zig Aligna Sleeves

by Fox
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Key Features Innovative new product from Fox Improves your Zig Rig fishing Zig Aligna sleeves Replacement sleeve Eight Zig Aligna sleeves per pack Available in six colours... Red, Black, Yellow, Brown, Pink, White

This innovative new range of Zig Alignas are set to change the way that anglers fish with Zig Rigs forever. Based on our Line Aligna Adaptor, which was developed for pop-up and bottom bait fishing, the new Zig Aligna is constructed from a softer, more buoyant plastic and features a unique moulded loop on the back. By using the loading tool supplied in the Zig Aligna Kit you can simply insert your chosen colour of foam into the loop on the back of the Aligna and trim it to your preferred size to create the ultimate hook bait. The loop grips the foam extremely tightly meaning it will not come off even on the biggest of casts.

Benefits of the Zig Aligna

- Better Hookholds and anti-eject properties - Creates a much wider gape than a standard knotless knot or Zig Bug style hook (no fluff or foam impeding hook point penetration), for much better hooking potential.
- Better Hooking Potential - The Aligna allows your hook bait to sit centralised at all times, a downside with a knotless knot on light mono is that the Hair naturally wants to sit off to one side, which can lead to poor hook holds.
- Stronger more reliable knots can be used - Allows you to attach your hook to your hooklink with a Palomar or Grinner Knot rather than a Knotless Knot, which is much stronger and also prevents the eye of your hook from rubbing on and weakening the hooklink when playing a fish.
- Far greater value for money - Should your hook point turn over you can simply slide the Aligna up your hooklink and attach a new hook with Zig Bug style hook baits once the point has gone they have to be thrown away, which can get very expensive.
- Very versatile You can mix and match the colours of foam and Zig Aligna to create a whole host of hook bait colour options until you find the combo that works the best on any given day.
- Very Quick and Easy Changing of your hook bait is very quick to do and swapping hook baits is also very fast thanks to the unique loading tool.
- Imitate Shape of Emerging Larvae Most Zig Bug style hook baits imitate creatures that live out of the water, which is a pretty pointless imitation as they are not natural! The shape of the Zig Aligna combined with a foam insert very much replicates the shape of a nymph with a thin curved body and a big head.
- Hi-Vis Colour Options The red and yellow options allow you to create hi-viz hook baits when single hook bait fishing or spodding a slop over the top especially effective when using a spod mix that contains red maggots and sweetcorn.