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Fox Rage Ultra UV Spinners Perch

Original price £4.99 - Original price £6.99
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£4.99 - £6.99
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The Fox Rage Ultra UV Spinners Perch are the perfect old school lure modernised to attract fish more effectively with their now Ultra Violet body taking their reflections to a new level with a leaf blade design for maximum flash, they are also designed with a silver finish on the inside of the blade for baitfish flash attraction. They have a high-quality construction throughout their body with it the weight being made from brass. The hook point is accompanied by a red fibre strike so the fish will not think twice about it.



Old school lure design meets modern attraction in these brilliant Ultra UV spinners.

  • Available in 2 blade sizes: 6 and 3
  • Three UV reactive colour options: Pike, Perch and Roach
  • Silver finish on the inside of blade for baitfish flash attraction
  • Leaf-blade design for maximum flash
  • Brass body weight
  • Features red fibre strike point on the hook
  • High-quality construction throughout
  • Size 6 spinner: 27g, size 2/0 VMC treble hook
  • Size 3 spinner: 11g, size 4 VMC treble hook