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Fox Rage Strike Point Dropshot Weights 10g

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Achieve the perfect dropshot presentation with these innovative column-style weights designed for precision and performance in your angling endeavors. Crafted from non-toxic brass material, these weights not only ensure the ideal dropshot setup but also prioritize environmental responsibility.

The low-reflection, camo-style finish adds a touch of stealth to your tackle, minimizing visibility underwater and increasing your chances of a successful catch. The diamond-shaped line connection eye enhances versatility and ease of use, allowing you to connect your line securely.

This pack includes three weights, each weighing 10 grams, providing you with multiple options for adapting to different fishing conditions. Whether you're targeting specific depths or adjusting to the behavior of your target species, these weights offer the flexibility needed for a successful dropshot presentation.

Upgrade your fishing gear with these Column-style Dropshot Weights, meticulously designed for efficiency and effectiveness in your angling pursuits.

  • Column-style weights for perfect dropshot presentation
  • Constructed from non-toxic brass material
  • Low-reflection, camo style finish
  • Diamond shaped line connection eye
  • 3 Per Pack