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Fox Rage Offset Hooks

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Similar to the treble hook, this hook from the Powerpoint family combines all of the advantages of a perfect lure fishing hook offering: stability, stiffness, sharpness, low weight and it’s designed to give the perfect hook hold! When fishing soft baits with a drop shot, Texas or Carolina Rigs or Soft Jerking it is very important that the Offset Hook is perfectly hidden in the rubber bait to give a natural presentation and thanks to the additional barb before the eye the Offset Hook grips perfectly and will not move during casting. However, the needle-sharp point of the Powerpoint Offset easily finds a hold in the mouth as soon as it encounters resistance!

• Extreme fine wire
• Offset style hook for multiple soft lure presentation
• Super sharp and very strong
• Strong enough for even large predators
• Sizes available: 1 - 4/0