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Fox PVA Tape

by Fox
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Fox PVA Tape come in two different types, Slow melt PVA which is ideal for the warmer months and Fast Melt for the colder months. These PVA tapes are ideal for making up stringer or for tying up PVA bags. I personally use it to tie against the arm of my lead clip, over the tail rubber to help prevent a heavy lead coming off on a big cast. Also I will use it sometimes instead of using a tail rubber when fishing the margin to ensure I drop the lead near snags. 
    The slow melt tape is great used in the warmer months because it melts slower and you can make sure your stringer or PVA Bag gets down to the lake bed without breaking down too quickly. The Fast melt tape is used when the water temperature drops and you need it to break down quicker. The fast melt tape is 5mm wide and the slow melt tape is 10mm wide.