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Fox Mini Micron

by Fox
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The 2020 Fox Mini Micron is a modern re-worked version of the old school classic Mini Micron Bite Alarm. The New Mini Micron boasts many great new features, making it one of the best lower budget alarms on the market.

When using the alarm, you will first notice its compact size and that it comes with a hard plastic front cover. Next, you will see on the right-hand side three buttons. The Volume (v) button gives you four different settings from low to high, the Tone (T) button has a choice of four different tone sounds, and the Sensitivity (S) button will give you two different sensitivity settings. The ears of the alarms sit pretty high, acting as a snag bar would, and there are rubber inlays fitted on them to protect your rod and help hold them in place when you get a fast and hard run. Positioned right at the top of the ears are two 5mm high visual LED lights that ensure you can always see them. You can also adjust the brightness of the LEDs by holding down the volume button and pressing the tone button.

The roller is in the centre of the ears; Fox has used the D-Tech Sensing System/Roller wheel Technology to give clear and consistent bite detection. On the left-hand side of the alarm is an On/Off toggle switch, and just under that is a Piezo Speaker, which will emit a crisp sound. The differential Drop Back Tone is one innovative feature that I like with the Mini Micron. It determines if you have had a forward run or if the fish has come towards you and you've had a drop back without having to get up and check if you are tucked up in your bivvy and didn't see what happened.

A knurled locking collar helps secure the micron alarm in place when fitting the micron to your buzz bars or a bank stick. At the back of the alarm is a 2.5mm power out socket that you can use with sounder boxes and illuminated bite indicators.

Fox Mini Micron takes LR1 Battery.