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Fox Leader Beads

by Fox
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£3.99 - £3.99
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  • Designed to create safe and secure Helicopter rigs on leaders
  • Works on Submerge Lead Free and leadcore leaders
  • Comprises of a sleeve and bead
  • Sleeve features two ribs which determine how tightly the bead is gripped
  • For strong grip and casting large hookbaits and PVA bags place the bead behind the larger rib
  • For medium grip place the bead between the two ribs
  • For light grip place the bead in front of the small rib
  • Attach using Easy Splice needle
  • Benefits from “Naturals” colouration which is dark green and unobtrusive
  • Translucent finish allows light through, improving its blending in properties
  • Perfect for dark lakebeds and weedy venues
  • Supplied in recyclable cardboard wallets