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Fox Edges Ronnie Spinner Rigs

by Fox
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One of the newest additions to Fox's ready-made rig range is everyone's favorite pop-up rig, the Ronnie Spinner Rig. The Ronnie rig is one of if not the best way to present a pop-up with a spinning swivel which just elevated the hook allows for your pop-up to sit just off of the bottom to be more appealing for the fish. Fox's version of this is constructed from their Medium Curve Hook which allows for a neat pop-up presentation with trans khaki shrink tube over the eye of the hook enclosing the spinner swivel. On the hook itself they use a Trans Khaki hook Bead and a Kuro Micro Hook Ring Swivel to allow you to floss your bait on, They haven't added a hook link section that allows you to use whatever your heart desires.


  • The world’s favourite popup rig
  • Simply add your preferred hooklength material
  • Kwik Change Hook Swivels Size 11
  • Edges Medium Curve Hook
  • Trans Khaki Shrink Tube
  • Kuro Micro Hook Ring swivel
  • Trans Khaki Hook bead
  • Attach your hookbait to the Micro Hook ring Swivel using Bait Floss
  • Perfect over almost any lake bed