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Fox Edges Ready Made Curve Short Rigs

by Fox
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The new Fox Edges Ready Made Wide Gape Rigs are a huge time-saving edge rather than tying your own rigs these are precisely made to be used out of the packet being a standard hair rig gives you the flexibility of fishing bottom, wafter, and pop up baits on your rig with no issues, they are constructed with Fox Camotex Semi Stiff Coated Braid as the hook link which allows for fast sinking, the coating can be stripped back to release the inner supple camo braid, the hook link is tied to a Fox Edges Arma Point Curve Short Hook which has significant hooking movement and is a popular hook in the fox range, finally, the hook is finished with a Camo Short Line Alinger which helps the hook kick over in the fishes mouth for a better chance of hooking the fish.


  • Ideal for presenting bottom baits or popups in a multitude of scenarios
  • Camotex Semi Stiff Coated braid  
  • Size 7 Kwik Change Swivel
  • Camo Anti Tangle Sleeve
  • Edges Arma Point Curve Short hook
  • Camo Short Line Aligna
  • Free Hair extending boilie props to fit most combinations of bait common bait sizes
  • Simply add some Power Grip Putty or a Kwik Change Pop Up Weight to turn into a popup rig