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Fox Edges Naturals Submerge Leader

by Fox
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Introducing the Fox Edges Naturals Lead-Free Leader Material, a premium option for anglers seeking a heavy sinking leader that leaves no trace behind. Embrace the "Naturals" dark green colouration that ensures seamless blending into the lakebed, keeping your rig undetected by wary fish.

This leader material boasts exceptional subtlety and a remarkable sinking ability, effortlessly hugging the contours of the lakebed like a brick. With its lead-free construction, you can fish with confidence, knowing you're making an eco-friendly choice while still achieving outstanding performance.

Splicing this leader material is a breeze, thanks to the Edges Easy Splice Needle, providing you with convenience and ease in setting up your rigs. The Fox Edges Naturals Lead-Free Leader Material is available in three robust breaking strains – 30lb, 40lb, and 50lb – allowing you to choose the perfect strength for your specific fishing needs. Each spool contains 10 meters of this exceptional leader material, giving you plenty to work with during your fishing sessions. Elevate your angling game with this heavy sinking leader material that's as reliable as it is environmentally conscious.


  • Lead-free, heavy sinking, leader material
  • Benefits from “Naturals” colouration which is dark green and unobtrusive
  • Incredibly subtle and sinks like a brick hugging the contours of the lakebed
  • Easy to splice using the Edges Easy Splice Needle
  • Available in 30lb, 40lb and 50lb
  • 10m per spool