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Fox Edges Naturals Submerge Braided Mainline 35lb

by Fox
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Introducing the Fox Edges Naturals Green Sinking Braided Mainline, a top-tier fishing line designed for optimal performance. Its "Naturals" green colouration ensures a natural and unobtrusive appearance, blending seamlessly with the underwater environment.

This braided mainline comes with an increased sink rate, ensuring a faster sinking action that enables you to reach the desired depths quickly. The improved low diameter enhances casting distance, giving you better reach and precision in your fishing endeavors.

With its ultra-supple nature, this braided mainline provides exceptional handling and allows for smooth casts and retrieves. Its greater abrasion resistance ensures durability and reliability, making it perfect for fishing in snaggy and weedy venues.

Moreover, the virtually zero stretch of this braided mainline enhances bite indication, allowing you to stay alert and responsive to any potential strikes. With Fox Edges Naturals Green Sinking Braided Mainline in your arsenal, you can tackle challenging fishing environments with confidence and precision.


  • Sinking braided mainline in “Naturals” Green
  • Colouration is natural and unobtrusive
  • Increased sink rate for a faster sinking braid
  • Improved low diameter for better casting
  • Ultra Supple
  • Greater abrasion resistance
  • Virtually zero stretch for superb bite indication
  • Perfect for snaggy and weedy venues