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Fox Edges Curve Short Fluoro D-Rigs

by Fox
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The Fox Edges Curve Short Flouro D-Rigs is the ideal rig out the packet for presenting wafters or even bottom baits they are constructed from the Fox Trans Khaki Illusion Fluorocarbon which is an ideal hook link section as it is stiff and allows the rig to be presented with no tangles on the bottom. The hook Fox has used is their Curve Short hook which is one of the most popular in their range as it is sharp straight out the pack and able to kick amazingly in the fish's mouth.


  • The perfect rig for presenting wafter hookbaits
  • Trans Khaki Illusion Fluorocarbon
  • Size 7 Kwik Change Swivel
  • Camo Micro Anti Tangle Sleeve
  • Edges Arma Point Curve Short hook
  • Kuro Micro Hook Ring swivel
  • Most effective when fished over a clear lakebed
  • Attach your hookbait to the Micro Hook ring Swivel using Bait Floss