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Fortis Wraps Polarised Sunglasses

by Fortis
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Fortis Wraps are by far the most popular style of polarised sunglasses we sell from the Fortis range. Polarised Sunglasses work differently from normal Sunglasses as they cut the glare off the surface of the water allowing you to see deeper into the water. When using the wraps this works better as the shape of the wraps fits around the face eliminating unwanted light from the top and sides allowing the glasses to work better than standard polarised glasses due to the gaps all around allowing light in. 

  The Wraps are made using a matte black lightweight frame making them very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Also, the top of the frame has air vents to help prevent the lenses from misting up and soft rubber inserts attached to the arms to help secure the glasses in place on your head.

   Fortis Wraps come in Four different lens colours, Amber, Grey, Brown and Switch. 

Amber/Yellow Lens is ideal for using in dull overcast conditions and when the water is murky as they will lighten your view up.

Grey Lens is for when it's bright with sunny conditions and the water is clear.

Switch Lens is perfect for all weathers as they are photochromic lenses so they will react to different light levels. So if it is overcast the lens will lighten up and if it goes bright it will darken automatically always giving you the perfect view in all conditions.

Brown/Bifocal Lens colour works in a similar way to the amber but being Bifocal they have a +2.00 magnification making viewing fish better but also making jobs like threading eyes on hooks and the more fiddly jobs easier.