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ESP White Barrel Bobbin with Black Stainless

by ESP
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Introducing the ESP Barrel Bobbins with Black Stainless Steel, designed to meet the demands of anglers seeking versatility and precision in their fishing gear. Crafted in the UK with meticulous attention to detail, these bobbin kits feature a sleek black stainless finish for added style and durability.

Each kit includes the PTFE Barrel Bobbin, complete with interchangeable ball clips and grip clips, along with 3" and 7" stainless ball chains, a stainless steel hockey stick, and a 3g stainless add-on weight. This comprehensive set-up caters to various fishing scenarios, from slack-line to tight-line fishing at considerable distances.

The stainless ball chains feature a lightweight polymer connector at one end and a 3g black stainless connector at the other, providing versatility in weight adjustment. The 3g stainless add-on weight can be effortlessly integrated into the hockey stick, allowing anglers to fine-tune the weight of the bobbin to 5g, 8g, or 11g as needed.

With interchangeable line clips, anglers can easily switch between fishing styles, whether running on the line with the ball clips or gripping the line 'Elstow style' with the grip clips. The 3" ball chain is ideally suited for this setup, allowing the bobbin to be fished on a short drop near the bite alarm.