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ESP Double Corn Buoyant

by ESP
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  • Tough, super buoyant material which does not lose buoyancy.
  • Vibrant, highly attractive fluoro colours.
  • These boilies can be ‘glugged’ in flavours for additional attraction.
  • Contents: 16 pieces - two of each size (four different sizes) and colour.
  • Can be used to perfect balance a variety of pop up rigs such as Ronnie, hinged stiff or multi rigs without the need for additional putty.
  • Other hooks and rig variations may require the addition of tungsten putty to balance – the possibilities are endless!
  • Can be used in combination with food bait boilies to create balanced ‘snowman’ rigs.
  • Can also be used for zig rigs.
  • These baits provide a serious edge on crayfish infested waters where conventional pop ups and tungsten putty are vulnerable to the attentions of crays.
  • Available in dark red & orange, pink & white and fluro yellow & sweetcorn yellow.

    RRP £3.45