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ESP Catapults

by ESP
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Boilie Pult

- For maximum distance and tight grouping with minimum spillage
- Pouch capacity approximately 10 x 18mm or 16 x 15mm boilies
- With a little practice, tight groupings of baits can be achieved at distances around 40 metres
- Reduce the quantity and weight of bait for increased distance
- Special cone shaped pouch
- Spare pouches and latex available
- Latex is a natural material with limited lifespan and should be replaced regularly

Particle Pult

- Designed to deliver large quantities of particle baits quickly and efficiently
- Unlike boilies, particle baits can be difficult to catapult any distances beyond about 15 to 20 metres
- This E-S-P Particle pult is designed to maximize distance and minimize spread with a range of popular baits including pellets, sweetcorn, tigernuts and hemp
- Spare pouches and latex available
- Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight / weathering and natural latex will last longer


- This extra large pouch caty holds up to sixty 14mm boilies and delivers them with surprising accuracy. - Designed for short to medium range work, a full pouch of bait can weigh up to 3 1/2 oz (100g) which means a whole kilo of boilies can be introduced in a mater of minutes.
- Accuracy and smooth delivery of bait is achieved using optimum lengths of natural latex which has a unique elasticity and power.
- Unfortunately, this wonderful material also has a limited lifespan which is dependent on its use, exposure to sunlight, weathering etc. Spare latex is therefore available for the MEGA PULT at most good tackle shops.