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ESP 20mm-25mm and 32mm PVA Refills

by ESP
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ESP 20mm-25mm and 32mm PVA Refills are excellent value for money. ESP PVA Refills come in 6 meter lengths, using an ultra fine PVA thread creating an extra strong anti-ladder pattern that withstand even the strongest of casts Prices; ESP PVA Refill 20mm & 25mm £4.50 ESP PVA Refill 32mm £4.70

20 & 25mm Universal Refill, Nominal 6m Length.
- Ultra Fine Thread
- Strong Anti-Ladder Construction
- Smaller Knots
- Controlled Meltdown
- No Solvent Residue
- Economic Refill for virtually all other small diameter or dynamite stick systems.

32mm PVA Mesh Refill – Nominal 6m length.
- Ultra fine thread
- Extra strong anti-ladder weave pattern
- Controlled meltdown
- No solvent residue
- More economical
- Smaller knots
- Tough enough to be packed out into bulbous bags and to withstand the forces of distance casting and splashdown