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Drennan Boilie Pult

by ESP
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Boiliepult Boiliepults have an extra strong frame to accommodate the extra power latex required to deliver boilies.

By limiting the number of boilies in the pouch to say, five or six 16mm baits, you can achieve optimum distance and accuracy at around the 40m mark. With just a bit of practice, single boilies can be fired into a tight area at long ranges: Typical Ranges 16mm up to 60 metres 18mm up to 80metres 20mm baits up to 100 metres At closer range, up to 30 metres, it is possible to soft-fire up to 15 16mm baits at a time by changing the grip and spreading your fingers around the top of the pouch. Hold the pull tab with thumb and forefinger inserted into the loop. This is a strong grip which will allow you to really stretch the elastic and still get quick, clean release. Key Features Power grip handle Long life elastic Ideal for boilies Special cone-shaped pouch Eliminates 90% of spillage Allows accurate ‘tight’ baiting Pouch roughly allows 10x 18mm baits or 16x 15mm baits