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Deeper Range Extender & Holder

by Deeper
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The Deeper Range Extender is an officially certified, high-grade waterproof device that is incredibly easy to set up. It comes with a phone holder that is designed to fit most phone sizes, and works seamlessly with all Deeper sonars. However, it's particularly well-suited for use with the PRO/CHIRP series, providing an even stronger and more reliable connection when paired with these advanced sonar units.

One of the key benefits of the Deeper Range Extender is its ability to extend the range of your sonar, allowing you to cover more water and get a better picture of what's going on beneath the surface. With the Range Extender, you can achieve distances of up to 656ft/200m between your phone and sonar, even in challenging environments like rough water or heavy vegetation.

Another great feature of the Deeper Range Extender is its durable, waterproof design. This device is built to withstand the elements and is capable of handling even the toughest fishing conditions. Plus, it requires no additional tools or setup, making it incredibly easy to use and set up on your bait boat.

Overall, if you're looking to take your fishing to the next level, the Deeper Range Extender is a must-have accessory. With its advanced features, easy setup, and reliable performance, it's the perfect way to ensure that you stay connected and get the most out of your Deeper sonar.

Product Information

Material: Deeper Range Extender: ABS enclosure, metal insert; Phone & Deeper Range Extender Holder: Aluminum alloy, ABS, stainless steel, silicone

Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C / 32°F to 104°F

Operating time: Up to 14 hours

Charging technology: 100% in 3 hours

Internal battery: Lithium Ion, 3.8V Rechargeable, 1300 mAh (typical)

Outlet adapter (not included): Input AC 110V/240VOutput USB A, 5V 2A

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Connectivity range: Stable connection up to 200 m / 656 ft

Phone clip width: 5 to 8.5 cm / 2 to 3.3 in

Colour: Black and translucent black


*Phone not inclued