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Daiwa Prorex Joint Bait

by Daiwa
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Daiwa Prorex Joint Bait is a 10cm flexible slow sinking and silent lure manufactured to replicate a fish as it had two joint one down the middle of the fish and one towards the end of the fins. This allows the lure to look realistic towards the predatory fish.

These lures come in various colours.

Fire Tiger comes with a dark green back with black tiger like stripes running down it, as the back merges to the belly the green turns to a lighter green and eventually turns to orange. The lure has a rounded red eye.

Gold Perch has a gold glittered back with black stripes running down which are also covered in glitter which stops when you come to the belly of the fish which is orange. The lure has a rounded red eye.

Live Rainbow Trout has a dark brown back which transitions into a black spotted dark green, then on the lure has light blue sides still with black spots running over the lure and also the lure has a red stripe down the side of the fish and also a red gill. The lure comes with a rounded crimson red eye.